Choose Pleasure.

You don’t have to sacrifice joy for safety.

You are stronger than what happened to you.

You are stronger than triggers, fears & shame. 

You are stronger than your trauma. 

You’ve done your work in therapy — or 12-step groups, yoga, meditation, and other alternative healing modalities. Still, your capacity for enjoying sex has lagged way behind your personal growth. 

You may have enjoyed eroticism and sex before you started delving into your trauma history. Or maybe you’re good to go until you get into a relationship. Even if you’ve never experienced sexual fulfillment, in or out of a relationship, you can experience an authentic, pleasure-filled erotic life. 

I can help you.

Individual and couples coaching sessions, online via Skype or FaceTime, and in seasonally Palm Springs CA and Provincetown MA.


Coaching for Individuals & Couples 

  • Women, men, trans & genderqueer
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual, heteosexual
  • Trauma survivors

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