How's your sex life?


Abundant, pleasure-filled, satisfying? Or do you wish for something more — more eroticism, more connection, more variety, more sex...?  Do you like the sex you are experiencing? Or do you wish it could be different somehow? 

Find out how I can help you. Coaching & workshops for individuals and couples in Palm Springs, Provincetown, San Francisco & Skype. I am a certified Somatic coach and sex educator who has helped many, many people experience richer, deeper, more authentic and satisfying sex lives.

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For all women who love women ...

"Infectious and empowering
and extremely well-researched. I highly recommend The Whole Lesbian Sex Book
to every woman."
-- Bust Magazine

Lesbian Bed Death is a tired old myth.

Autostraddle Lesbian Sex Survey finds that monogamous lesbian couples have sex as much or more as married hetero couples.

Check out my interview on  DAILY DOT debunking the notion of "lesbian bed death."  (Really. Do you want to believe that old myth?)